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What does R&I mean

R & I means remove and install.  For example, if your door is damaged and needs to be repaired and painted,  a good shop will remove  the mirror, the handle and mouldings and clean and scuff the whole panel in preparation for painting.  Some shops tape these parts off, but then the new paint does not get behind these pieces and in the end, your paint will start to peel away around these pieces.  Always insist that parts are R&I’d!

What is the difference between OEM and after market parts

OEM parts are Original Equiment Manufactured parts meaning it is a part that is made by the maker of the auto.  A Ford OEM part is made by Ford Motor Company.  Traditionally, these parts are more expensive than others, but also have the best quality fit and performance for your vehicle.  After Market parts are usually made overseas as copies of OEM parts.  The quality and fit of After Market parts is  always a concern for a shop because the precision of the part can never be assured.   Sometimes, After Market parts are returned and OEM parts ordered because of this issue, and can cause a delay in the completion of the job, frustrating both the customer and the shop. 

Insurance companies very often default to After Market requirements because of the cost factor.  Unfortunately, this is an issue that all shops deal with.  Fortunately, many OEM manufacturers are now matching the After Market pricing to remain competitive.

Do I Need 2 Estimates on Damage?

You pick the shop you want to fix your vehicle.  A good shop will do all the footwork for you with the insurance company.  Don’t be steered to a shop that you do not know.   This is an insurance picked shop that does work at a reduced rate to save the insurance company money.

What happens when my car is totaled in an accident

We had a customer whose car was totaled by the insurance company after an accident.  The customer did not think that the total loss amount was sufficient, so the customer researched prices for comparable cars (same model, condition and mileage) within a 50 mile radius of home.  The customer found after 3 searches that the car was worth more than what was being offered by the insurance company.   When presented with this information and documentation, the insurance company renegotiated the amount and the customer was satisfied.  It’s always a good idea to do your homework.

How do I know the best shop for my car?

Insurance companies sometimes tell you where you should take your car,  but do your homework and take it to the best shop in your area.  The insurance company has to pay for the shop you choose.  A good shop will do the work for you and deal with the insurance company. 

Some insurance companies have contracts with shops at a reduced laborand parts rates, so they want you to go to the shop that costs them the least amount of money.  This is not an owner friendly environment at times.  Owners can luck out and get a very good shop, but you should never have to take that chance.  TAKE YOUR VEHICLE WHERE YOU TRUST THE WORK THAT IS DONE!



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