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The major reason is that the impact of the accident did not affect the actual structure of the car, but did cause cosmetic damage.   Usually when the airbags don’t deploy, the accident happens and no one in the vehicle is injured.

How do I know which body shop is a good facility?

The first indication you can check is if there is two large ventilation stacks coming out of the roof.   This means that your car will be painted in pressurized spray booth booth.   The importance of that is your car will have no dust or dirt imperfections caused by shop contaminants.  It will be same or better than a factory finish.  Another thing to look for is to look for a clean organized facility both outside and inside, it will reflect the kind of work that is done at that shop.

Rental Car Coverage

If you are in an accident, it is always a good idea to have included rental coverage on your policy.   It will pay the rental company for a car for you while yours is being repaired.   Keep in mind that when you are in a rental, your insurance should  cover any damage that may happen to that rental vehicle.  You do not need to purchase additional coverage from the rental company if you do not want to.  Check with your insurance to make sure it will cover damage should that happen.  One thing to remember is that the coverage you have will only cover costs up to the value of your car.  So if you have 2002 Taurus in the shop, and you are renting a 2013 Malibu, the coverage is going to be for the value of the Taurus, not the Malibu.

What is the advantage of waterborne paint

The obvious advantage to waterborne paint is the environment.  It greatly reduces the pollutants  that the alternative solvent paint creates.   It is being required more and more by the EPA, who enforces the laws that oversee the environment and the impact of pollution.  New car manufacturers are now using the waterborne paint on their vehicles.

Waterborne paint also provides a superior color match to cars that are coming off the assembly line with waterborne paint finishes.

What is paintless dent repair

Paintless dent repair or PDR is a method of dent removal that does not require conventional repair or painting.  A PDR technician has special tools that he utilizes to “massage” dents that are from hail or small dings.  It is an alternative repair that is less costly and can be done in a day if the damage lends itself to this type of repair.

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