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Do I Need 2 Estimates on Damage?

You pick the shop you want to fix your vehicle.  A good shop will do all the footwork for you with the insurance company.  Don’t be steered to a shop that you do not know.   This is an insurance picked shop that does work at a reduced rate to save the insurance company money.

How Much Air Pressure Should There Be in My Tires?

That information is on the drivers side door opening of most cars.    You will find that the front tires have a different amount of air requirement that the back tires.   Truck pressure is going to be dependent on the weight you might be hauling.  Tires with low pressure causes the same problems as a tire that is over the load capacity.

How to Take Car Scuffs Out on Your Own

You can use a 3 step product available at most automotive stores.   Look for the product that contains coarse compound, fine compound and a polish.  This will take care of the problem most of the time.  If this doesn’t do it, then it will probably need professional attention.


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